1. General Overview
    1. The MYHL “by-laws” is intended to supply a set of guidelines in which the MYHL and its governing body shall operate.
    2. The “by-laws” only applies to the Fall/Winter (September – March) hockey season & any MYHL event.
  2. Definitions
    1. The following are definitions of terms used throughout the “by-laws”.   
      1. Member Organization – Local youth hockey organization that participates in the MYHL.
      2. Mid-Am – Shortened name for Mid-American District, the USA Hockey district in which the MYHL operates
  3. Goals and Objectives
    1. The MYHL is a recreational youth hockey league consisting of teams from Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia youth hockey associations whose members are registered with USA Hockey.  The purpose of the MYHL is to build players hockey skills (i.e. skating, shooting, passing, stick handling), promote teamwork, fair play, and respect of other players, opponents, coaches and referees.  The MYHL will de-emphasize (but not eliminate) competition while emphasizing FUN.
    2. The MYHL will govern MYHL league play only.  The MYHL has no say in non-MYHL activities such as practices, scrimmages or non-league games or tournaments conducted by the Member Organizations.
    3. The Member Organizations shall comply with USA Hockey and Mid-AM regulations and the MYHL “by-laws” and “Operating Procedures”.
    4. Players participating in MYHL sanctioned league contest must roster at the house/recreational level.
      1. No player participating in the MYHL shall roster with another MYHL team or Non-MYHL team above the B level.
    5. Each Member Organization is required to submit a current copy of their governing by-laws to MYHL Board each September.
    6. Each MYHL organization will register coaches and players in accordance with Mid-American Association and USA Hockey guidelines.
  4. Governing Board
    1. A Governing Board will represent the MYHL in order to organize, maintain, and direct the MYHL and the involvement of the various Member Organizations.
    2. The MYHL Board will be made up of representatives from the participating Member Organizations. 
      1. The league shall strive for equal representation on the Board among the participating Member Organizations.
      2. Each Member Organization shall select its own representatives.  It is suggested (not required) that each Member Organization selects at least one incumbent Board Member each year.
      3. The Board Member’s shall retain their duties from 1 May – 30 April.
      4. If a Board member is unable to finish the year, that board member’s Member Organization is responsible for filling the vacancy with a replacement.
    3. The MYHL Board Member positions, responsibilities, and rotating position are as follows.
      1. President
        • The President shall be responsible for overseeing the everyday operation of the league, determining the time and location of Board meetings, running the Board meetings, and calling additional meetings when necessary
      2. Vice-President
        • The Vice-President shall be responsible for assisting the President in his/her duties.
      3. Secretary
        • The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at each Board meeting.  A copy of the minutes shall then be emailed to each Member Organization and made available at the next meeting.
      4. Statistician/Public Relations
        • The Statistician shall be responsible for keeping all league game results and team records.  Each division standings shall be submitted to the Public Relations member every two weeks.  The standings shall display the games (scores) from the previous two weeks, and the updated records for each team. 
        • The Public Relations Board member shall be responsible for submittal of league information (i.e. statistics, meeting minutes, etc…) to each Member Organization.  Additional responsibilities include procuring the appropriate traveling trophies the first year of the league and nameplates for the winning divisional teams each year.
      5. At Large Position
        1. Member Organizations without an executive board position.
        2. Newly admitted members to the MYHL will be placed in duty rotation prior to existing Member Organizations at the At Large Position. 
      6. Commissioner (3 – positions)   
        1. The Commissioner is a point person for coaches to work with at each of the following age groups
          • U8
          • U10
          • U12
          • U14 / U15
        2. Anyone with a child playing in that age group will not be eligible to be commissioner for that age group.  The Commissioner would coordinate scheduling, score reporting, roster checks and suspensions.
  5. Costs
    1. No costs shall be incurred by the League without prior approval (vote) of the Board.
    2. Costs incurred by the League shall be reimbursed by the Member Organizations.
      • The costs shall be equally divided by the Member Organizations based on the number of teams participating in the MYHL.
      • Costs associated with individual teams shall be the sole responsibility of that team’s Member Organization.  This includes end of season MYHL tournament.


  1. League schedule and game management
    1. MYHL Game Schedule: 
      1. Regular season schedule - The regular season will be scheduled at a single meeting sometime in the fall of the year. A firm date for this meeting will be determined by the MYHL Board during the summer before the upcoming season and will be held during the month of September. The official start date for league games is the last full weekend of October of each year.
      2. Each team to participate in the MYHL agrees to have a representative with available home ice present at the scheduling meeting.
      3. Teams are expected to schedule the completion of all league games before the season-ending League Tournament. They should arrive at the scheduling meeting with an open slate, the scheduling of any non-league games should be done AFTER the completion of the league schedule. 
      4. The goal of the Scheduling Meeting is to have 100% completion. At a minimum, any unscheduled games must have a plan of resolution agreed upon before leaving the meeting. 
      5. Statistician will post an Official Schedule on the MYHL Web Page. It will be each team's responsibility to notify the Statistician of any errors found and when corrected to confirm the accuracy of the schedule in writing.
      6. The number of League games, shall at all divisions, be determined by the MYHL Board prior to Fall scheduling meeting. In the case that non-league games are played in addition to league games it is understood that unless otherwise noted ahead of time the first games played during the official season will be considered "league" games. Any additional games during that time will be considered "non-league" scrimmages. 
    2. League Games: 
      1. Team Responsibility: Each team shall be accompanied at all MYHL league games by an adult coach. 
      2. Conduct 
        • Team officials (coaches, managers and team representatives) shall be responsible for the conduct of their teams before, during, and after league games, particularly regarding the use of dressing rooms. Incidents of damage or other conduct prohibited by these Rules and Regulations, the rules and regulations of USA Hockey, or by law, should be brought to the attention to the MYHL Board. Team Officials shall be held responsible for damages or other loss caused by their teams.
        • Parents. The importance of parents behaving as models for the players cannot be overstated.  Support by parents for the rules of conduct defined in the Code of Conduct section of the USA Hockey Annual Guide is also critical.
        • Players.  An important part of the educational aspect of athletics is the learning of behavior appropriate to the circumstances. Because athletes often perform publicly, their behavior is subject to more than the usual scrutiny. 
          • With this in mind, there are some behaviors that are particularly offensive and are subject to standard consequences.  An example is Unsportsmanlike Conduct. If an athlete is ejected from a game for any reason, (unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, etc.), the athlete shall also be prohibited from participating in the next contest.
        • Spectators: Spectators, both children and adults, are an important and integral part of all Youth Hockey events. Spectators serve to validate the positive values learned through athletic experiences, and to support the personal efforts and successes of individual players.  Occasionally, the excesses of spectator behavior can unnecessarily taint the activities at a Youth Hockey.  Each Teams Representative shall take action to insure that spectators are not abusive to officials, players, team officials, or other spectators.  Failure to do so could result in team suspension or game forfeiture.  What follows is an effort to provide clarity about inappropriate behavior, and about the consequences of such behavior. 
          • Violence
          • Verbal abuse
          • Vandalism
          • Throwing objects
          • The use of laser pointers
          • Obscenity or obscene gestures
          • Possession or use of alcohol
          • Using illegal substances
          • Harassment of …
            • Officials
            • Coaches
            • Players
            • Ice rink staff
            • Spectators
        • Each of these inappropriate spectator behaviors, whether by children or adults, shall be cause for immediate removal from the event.  A pattern of these behaviors shall result in being barred from future events.
        • Parent support for the rules of conduct is crucial to the success of Youth Hockey.
      3. Home Team: The home team shall furnish official game pucks, a timer and scorekeeper, and at least 50 minutes of ice with adequate dressing room facilities for each team. This includes separate and adequate dressing rooms for both boys and girls.  
      4. Score sheets shall list all registered players of the competing teams, and indicate the player's status if absent or suspended. Where uniform colors are similar, the home team shall supply and wear numbered or see-through "pullovers" or scrimmage vests. 
      5. Each home team shall provide at least two officials. Officials must be USA Hockey certified and meet the requirements as established by USA Hockey as set forth in the annual USA Hockey Guide. One adult referee is acceptable with the written approval of both team coaches on the front of the score sheet.  If a home team does not have 2 official referees on hand at game time, and the visiting team does not wish to play under these circumstances, then the game is to be re-played at the Home Team's rink and rescheduled within 14 days. If the game cannot be rescheduled at the home rink, the game shall be re-played at the Visitor's rink. In both cases, the offending team will pay for the rescheduled ice and referees. 
    3. Game management.
      1. U10 and U12 games will be played with 12-minute periods. U14 will be played with 14-minute periods (USA Hockey).
        • In the case of a curfew rink, the game will end at the time the teams must be off the ice. Game will be played using a running clock during the third period if necessary.
        • Penalty times shall follow USA Hockey rules/guidlines. Players in U10and Pee WeeU14 divisions shall be assessed 2 minutes for a minor, 5 minutes for a major and 10 minutes for misconduct. Bantam division shall be assessed 2 min penalty for minors, 5 minutes for a major and 10 minutes for misconduct.
        • Game start/warm-up. The time listed in the MYHL schedule shall be the time that both teams are to take the ice. A warm-up period of 3-minutes shall be allowed both teams (whether or not they are on the ice) commencing at the designated starting time, or at the time the ice becomes available, whichever is later. 
        • Teams will shake hands AFTER the game. 
        • Teams are to use current official USA Hockey score sheets (or equivalent), provided by the home team. 
        • The team representative is responsible for ensuring that the score sheet is properly filled out and distributed to the required parties.
        • The home team shall retain the score sheet and submit to the MYHL Statistician upon request in the event of a score reporting discrepancy. The MYHL Statistician will distribute complete instructions prior to the beginning of the season. 
        • League Standings: Standings will be compiled by the MYHL Webmaster and posted on the league website. 
    4. Game misconduct and match penalties and refusal to play. 
  2. Misconduct - A player or coach who receives a penalty during a league game requiring sitting out a game shall be suspended for at least his team's next league game. USA Hockey rules apply to non-league games in addition to the MYHL suspension. Please note that a single game misconduct could result in sitting 2 games if the penalty occurred in a league game and the next game for the team happens to be non-league. In the event a player receives a game misconduct in the last league game of the season, the suspension will be served in the first playoff game in the end of season tournament. Any player, coach or manager who receives two game misconducts in one season will be suspended for the next two (2) league games over and above the normal USA Hockey rules. Any subsequent game misconduct will result in a hearing conducted by the MYHL Board within 30 days of the occurrence. Until such hearing is held the individual involved is suspended from all MYHL play, including regular season and playoffs. 
  3. Match Penalty - USA Hockey requires that a mandatory hearing be held by the Association involved whenever a Match Penalty is assessed. A written report from that hearing must be forwarded to the MYHL Board within 5 days of the meeting. The MYHL will either approve the hearing results or, if deemed necessary, will make any change(s) they feel necessary for future involvement in the MYHL season and submit a new recommendation to the organizations president. From the time of infraction until the MYHL ruling (maximum of 30 days), the player/team official is suspended from all league events, including regular season and playoff games. A second (2) Match Penalty will be handled in the same manner as above and will normally result in suspension from ALL league events for one calendar year from the MYHL hearing. (Note: ANY Match Penalty for Abuse of Official, issued under USA Hockey Rule 601 (G) or (J), automatically goes to the USA/Mid-American Executive Board for their disposition within 30 days of the infraction.) 
  4. Refusal to compete. Refusal to compete in any game as directed by the Scheduling Chair, MYHL Board is considered immediate resignation from the League. Said team will be dropped from all subsequent League activities, functions, schedules, standings and trophy eligibilities. 
  5. League schedule. Any team not completing their League schedule will be ineligible to participate in playoffs and will be brought immediately to the MYHL Board with possible further action taken.
  6. Changes, Cancellations and/or Postponements.
  7. In the event that a team postpones or cancels a game without the agreement of the opposing team, that team will be responsible for the ice and referee cost of the rescheduled game. This includes cancellations due to weather.
  8. In the event that the game is not rescheduled, that team will be charged with a forfeit (if team is the visiting team they will be required to pay any ice and referee cost incurred by the home team.)
  9. End of Season Tournament
    • Each team shall participate in end of season MYHL tournament, tournament format, dates, times and locations will vary and be determined by the Board NLT 1 Oct. 
    • Each team to participate in the MYHL agrees to participate in this tournament. Refusal to participate may result in sanctions to be determined by the MYHL Board.


  1. ‚ÄčMYHL Board Meetings
    1. The MYHL Governing Board shall meet at least once a month.
    2. Additional meetings shall be held as needed and determined by the MYHL President.
    3. The meetings shall be openly advertised by each Member Organization.
    4. The meeting shall be open to any player, coach, or parents from the Member Organizations (MYHL and non-MYHL)
    5. The meeting time and location shall be determined by the MYHL Board President.
    6. The meeting shall be used to present the status of the MYHL, any pertinent information concerning MYHL activities, review of the previous meeting’s minutes and a forum to present proposed changes to the MYHL “by-laws” and “Operating Procedures”.
    7. The MYHL Board will vote on motions presented by the Board that receives a second motion by the Board.
    8. Motions may be presented concerning changes to the “Operating Procedures” and “by-laws”.
    9. A motion must be voted on by two-thirds of Board members.  
    10. Proxy votes (written and signed) may be accepted on shelved motions by any member expecting to miss the next meeting. Votes can be accepted in advance of a meeting and via email.
    11. Each MYHL Board member shall receive one vote.
    12. Member Organizations without a board position will receive one ‘at large’ vote on board motions.
    13. A majority vote (e.g. 4-2) must be obtained in order to accept a motion.
    14. Minutes of each meeting shall be posted on MYHL web site and submitted to the Member Organizations.
  2. Team Rosters
    1.   Teams are limited to 20 rostered players (18 skaters and 2 goalies).  
    2. Players that are not on the team’s roster are not permitted to play in any league game unless prior permission as an emergency substitute is obtained before the game.  Games in which non-rostered players are used shall be recorded as a 1-0 forfeit.  Use of non-rostered players in a game that is forfeited may be subject to further disciplinary action by the MYHL board. It is the responsibility of each organization/team and player to submit a correct roster which complies with the MYHL By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. It is important to clarify, clear up and obtain a ruling on any roster question or fact that may cause someone to question a roster prior to submitting a roster to MYHL or any League or participation in any game, even if you believe you have it resolved. If there is any question about a roster, or there is information that may cause anyone to doubt or question the residence or any matter concerning the roster, the organization/team and player has an affirmative obligation to bring the matter to the attention of the MYHL, and obtain a ruling in writing, prior to submitting a roster but in no event later than immediately after the question or fact is known to the organization, team and/or player. It is not the responsibility of the MYHL to neither initiate the review of nor initially review rosters but rather the responsibility of the organization/team and player to submit a true and correct roster. MYHL will review any roster question brought to its attention in accordance with its By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. It is also the responsibility of each organization/team and player to be familiar with and comply with all MYHL By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.
  3.  Players may only be rostered (and play) on one MYHL team per season at their age level based on USA Hockey birth year requirements and not on any team ranked higher than B, with the following exceptions:
    • Players can appear on a “House Select” or Tournament Team roster in addition to their primary house team roster, 
    • Female players can appear on a Girl’s or Women’s team roster in addition to their primary house team roster,   
    • Goalies may be double rostered on the same or higher age level team as a backup goalie on teams that have only one rostered goalie.  Prior notice and approval of MYHL is required.
    • Emergency substitute player as described below.
  4.  Permitted Roster Format
    •       Each team must submit to the MYHL a list for each team with player’s names, birth year, home  and away jersey numbers prior to their first league game.  This list (player name/jersey number) should also be posted to the local organization’s team website (if available) or posted to the team roster page used by the MYHL.
    •       Any players added/removed on a team roster after roster submission must be communicated to the MYHL and opposing team coaches by submission of a revised copy of the player list or a supplemental USA Hockey roster form.
    •       Team rosters are frozen as of 12/31 of the current playing season.  Changes due to exceptional circumstances may be addressed by the MYHL as requested by member associations.
    •     Teams may elect to use the USA Hockey 1-T roster form to document their roster.  They must also submit to the MYHL a list of their player’s names, home and away jersey numbers prior to their first league game.  Final USA Hockey roster forms, if used, signed by the MidAm Registrar prior to December 31st of the current season must be submitted to the MYHL no later than the first week of January of the current playing season.
  5.  Emergency Substitute Players:
    1.       Substitute players are to be considered an infrequent exception. Substitutes may be used to bring the team roster up to a 7 skater level.  No player substitution may be used if there are 7 or more rostered players available.  The rule does not allow teams that have 7 or more players available to add additional skilled players, thereby “stacking” a team.
    2. Substitutes may be drawn from other house teams from the same Association at that age level or from any house team in the next lower age division from the same Association.  Substitute players from a higher age level team are not permitted.  Players that play up an age level are not permitted to be used as substitutes at a lower age level.
    3. Substitutes are to be indicated by an asterisk (*) on the score sheets of games in which they play as substitutes.  Use of a substitute player is to be communicated to the game officials and opposing team coach prior to the start of the game.  In the event that a substitute player is not listed on the score sheet prior to the start of the game (puck drop) USA Hockey Rule 203(a) shall apply.
    4. A substitute player may not be used for more than 2 games per season.
    5. Substitute players cannot be used in any year end tournament games.
    6. This process does not permit players to be moved at will by coaches, parents or other association officials among teams.
    7. The use of substitute players is affected by the USA Hockey Insurance rules:

From the USA Hockey 2012 Insurance summary:

Participant Accident (Excess) provides coverage, on an excess basis, for accidental medical expenses, accidental death and dismemberment, and/or paralysis resulting from an accidental bodily injury while participating as a member of a registered team during a USA Hockey-sanctioned game, a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament game, controlled scrimmage or practice session involving ice hockey.

  • In the event that a substitute player is not on the team roster at the time of injury, USA Hockey Insurance may be invalid.  This provides another reason why substitute players should not be a frequent occurrence.

    6.   Double rostering players from BTHL (Buckeye Travel Hockey League) to MYHL:

  1.  Player must be of minor birth year only in accordance to USA Hockey.
  2.  Only players from BTHL Bronze level teams are able to be double rostered with MYHL teams at the same age level. 
  3.  A maximum of 3 (three) skaters are allowed to be double rostered from a BTHL Bronze team to play on a MYHL team.
  4.  Each  Member Organization must report a list of their 3 (three) double rostered players to the MYHL Governing Board before their first league game is played. 
  5.  A double rostered player must play in a minimum of 50% of the MYHL team's games in order to be eligible to play in the team's end of season tournament.
  6.  Each Memeber Organization must petition the MYHL Governing Board to get approval to double roster BTHL players.